Doc's Waffle House
& Soul Food

506 South Orange Avenue

Newark, NJ 07103

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Call Us: (862) 234 - 2696

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"Soul Food at it's Finest"


 Rev. Dr.  T. Durr

Manager & Chef

Craig Byrd

Owner, Rev.Dr. T. Durr noticed that there were not any waffle houses up North like there were in the South. So, he opened Doc's Wafffle House to bring Waffle Houses to the North. 

"I felt as though I'd just walked into the house lawwwwwd have mercy for thou art great! If you are looking for southern hospitality and good eats! DOC's Waffle House and Soul Food is the place to be! Thank you so much for making us feel at home RevDr T Durr you will see more of Neet my next trip to Jersey!"

Neet Thomas Wilson